The quizzes about Hematopoiesis

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The quizzes about Hematopoiesis
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Select the ONE answer that is BEST in each case.

The normal sequence of blood cell development is

The maturational sequence of the thrombocyte (platelet) is

The maturational sequence(s) of the erythrocyte is (are)

The cell maturation sequence of the segmented neutrophil is

As a blood cell matures, the overall cell diameter in most cases


As a blood cell matures, the ratio of nucleus to cytoplasm (N:C) in most cases

The chromatin pattern, in most cells, as the cell matures

The presence of nucleoli is associated with

In the blast stage of development of leukocytes, the cytoplasm of the cell is

_____ Segmented neutrophil


_____ Monocyte

_____ Lymphocyte

_____ Band form neutrophil

_____ Eosinophil

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