The quizzes about Aplastic and Related Anemias

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The quizzes about Aplastic and Related Anemias
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Select the ONE answer that is BEST in each case.

Acquired aplastic anemia may be caused by

The sudden appearance of aplastic anemia or pure red cell aplasia is often caused by

Aplastic anemia can occur years before a diagnosis of _____ is made.

If a patient with aplastic anemia is referred to as exhibiting pancytopenia, which cell lines are affected?

_____ Fanconi anemia


_____ Familial aplastic anemia

_____ Pure red cell anemia

_____ Diamond-Blackfan syndrome

Hematopoietic cell targets in aplastic anemia are affected by

Fanconi anemia is associated with abnormal genes located on chromosomes __q___, __q___.

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