Molecular Genetics and Cellular Morphology Quizzes

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Molecular Genetics and Cellular Morphology Quizzes
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Select the ONE answer that is BEST in each case.

The smallest organized unit of living tissue is the

The cell membrane’s major components are

Which of the following is a characteristic of osmosis?

Which of the following is a characteristic of active transport?

Phagocytosis is


Glycogen is a

A cellular inclusion that represents a common storage form of iron is

The nucleus of the cell contains

The overall function of DNA is

Heterochromatin is


Chromosomal translocation is

A chromosomal deletion is

In meiosis, the cells produced contain

Hematologists are interested in inherited disorders. Which of the following are inherited disorders?

Molecular techniques are being used to detect abnormalities of


The first inherited hematologic disorder to be diagnosed using molecular biologic assay was

PCR testing is useful in

The traditional PCR technique

PCR protocol

Variations of PCR include


The method considered to be the “gold standard” of molecular methods is

The Southern blot procedure has diagnostic applications for diseases or disorders associated with

The Northern blot procedure can be used

All of the following are true of FISH except _____

Microarrays are


Molecular techniques provide a diagnostic tool to



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