The quizzes about Cerebrospinal Fluid

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The quizzes about Cerebrospinal Fluid
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A CSF WBC count is diluted with:

In plasma, the second most prevalent protein is IgG; in CSF, the second most prevalent protein is:

Substances present in the CSF are contolled by the:

Macrophages appear in the CSF following:

The CSF flows through the:


The CSF tube labeled 3 is sent to:

Nucleated RBCs are seen in the CSF as a result of:

The CSF tube that should be refrigerated is:

The finding of oligoclonal bands in the CSF and not in the serum is seen with:

Myeloblasts are seen in the CSF:


A CSF glucose of 15 mg/dL, WBC count of 5000, 90% neutrophils, and protein of 80 mg/dL is suggestive of:

Measurement of which of the following can be replaced by CSF glutamine analysis in children with Reye syndrome?

The test of choice to detect neurosyphilis is the:

The CSF IgG index calculated in Study Question 27 is indicative of:

A patient with a blood glucose of 120 mg/dL would have a normal CSF glucose of:


Cells resembling large and small lymphocytes with cleaved nuclei represent:

A web-like pellicle in a refrigerated CSF specimen is indicative of:

Prior to performing a Gram stain on CSF, the specimen must be:

Neutrophils with pyknotic nuclei may be mistaken for:

The normal value of CSF protein is:


CSF lactate will be more consistantly decreased in:

Elevated CSF protein values can be caused by all of the following except:

CSF can be differentiated from plasma by the presence of:

A total CSF cell count on a clear fluid should be:

The functions of the CSF include all of the following except:


Hemosiderin granules and hematoidin crystals are seen in:

The presence of which of the following cells is increased when a CNS shunt malfunctions?

The integrity of the blood-brain barrier is measured using the:

The primary concern when pleocytosis of neutrophils and lymphocytes is found in the CSF is:

The purpose of adding albumin to CSF before cytocentrifugation is to:


All of the following statements are true about cryptoccocal meningitis except:

Given the following results, calculate the IgG index: CSF IgG, 50 mg/dL; serum IgG, 2 gm/dL; CSF albumin, 70 mg/dL; serum albumin, 5 gm/dL.

Following a CNS diagnostic procedure, which of the following might be seen in the CSF?

The presence of xanthochromia can be caused by all of the following except:

Given the following information, calculate the CSF WBC count: cells counted, 80; dilution, 1:10; large Neubauer squares counted, 10.

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