[Immunology] The Labeled Immunoassays Quizzes (12 tests)

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[Immunology] The Labeled Immunoassays Quizzes (12 tests)
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Select the one best response to each question!

Which of the following statements accurately describes competitive binding assays?

How do heterogeneous assays differ from homogeneous assays?

In the following equation, what is the ratio of bound radioactive antigen (Ag*) to bound patient antigen (Ag)? 12Ag * 4Ag 4Ab →:___Ag * Ab ___AgAb Ag* ___Ag

Which of the following characterizes a capture or sandwich enzyme assay?

Advantages of EIA over RIA include all except which one of the following?


Which of the following is characteristic of direct fluorescent assays?

Which of the following is true of fluorescence polarization immunoassay?

All of the following are desirable characteristics of antibodies used in immunoassays except

In a noncompetitive enzyme immunoassay, if a negative control shows the presence of color, which of the following might be a possible explanation?

Which of the following best characterizes chemiluminescent assays?


Immunofluorescent assays may be difficult to interpret for which reason?

Which statement best describes flow-through immunoassays?

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