[Immunology] Molecular Diagnostic Techniques Quizzes (12 tests)

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[Immunology] Molecular Diagnostic Techniques Quizzes (12 tests)
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Select the one best response to each question!

Which technique is based on probe amplification rather than amplification of the target in question?

How are DNA and RNA different?

All of the following are true of a nucleic acid probe except

Which of the following techniques uses restriction enzymes, electrophoresis, and then transfer of DNA fragments onto a solid matrix, followed by probing with labeled probes?

All of the following would be advantages of nucleic acid amplification techniques except


Which best describes the principle of DNA chip technology?

A hybridization reaction involves which of the following?

Which best describes the PCR?

During PCR, what happens in the annealing step?

What is the function of restriction endonucleases?


To what does in situ hybridization refer?

What is PCR used for in clinical settings?

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