[Immunology] Safety and Specimen Preparation Quizzes (13 tests)

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[Immunology] Safety and Specimen Preparation Quizzes (13 tests)
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A technologist who observes a red rash on her hands after removing her gloves

In the chain of infection, a contaminated work area would serve as which of the following?

The only biological waste that does not have to be discarded in a container with a biohazard symbol is

Patient specimens transported by the Department of Transportation must be labeled as

A technician places tightly capped serum tubes in a rack and places the rack and the specimen data in a labeled metal courier box. Is there anything wrong with this scenario?


The Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard developed by OSHA requires employers to provide all of the following except

An employee who receives an accidental needlestick should immediately

The first thing to do when acid is spilled on the skin is to

When combining acid and water,

To determine the chemical characteristics of sodium azide, an employee would consult the


A technician who is pregnant should avoid working with

A 1:750 dilution of serum is needed to perform a serological test. Which of the following series of dilutions would be correct to use in this situation?

How much diluent needs to be added to 0.2 ml of serum to make a 1:20 dilution?

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