[Immunology] Precipitation Reactions Quizzes (14 tests)

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[Immunology] Precipitation Reactions Quizzes (14 tests)
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In a precipitation reaction, how can the ideal antibody be characterized?

Precipitation differs from agglutination in which way?

When soluble antigens diffuse in a gel that contains antibody, in which zone does optimum precipitation occur?

Which of the following statements apply to rate nephelometry?

Which of the following is characteristic of the end-point method of RID?


Which statement is true of measurements of turbidity?

Which of the following refers to the force of attraction between an antibody and a single antigenic determinant?

Which technique is typified by radial immunodiffusion combined with electrophoresis?

Immunofixation electrophoresis differs from immunoelectrophoresis in which way?

In which zone might an antibody-screening test be false negative?


If crossed lines result in an Ouchterlony immunodiffusion reaction with antigens 1 and 2, what does this indicate?

Which might affect the outcome of immunodiffusion procedures?

Which technique represents a single-diffusion reaction?

Which best describes the law of mass action?

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