[Immunology] Complement System Quizzes (16 tests)

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[Immunology] Complement System Quizzes (16 tests)
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The classical complement pathway is activated by

All of the following are characteristic of complement components except

All of the following are true of the recognition unit except

Which is referred to as C3 convertase?

Mannose-binding protein in the lectin pathway is most similar to which classical pathway component?


Which of the following describes the role of properdin in the alternative pathway?

Which best characterizes the membrane attack complex?

All of the following represent functions of the complement system except

Which of the following is true of the amplification loop in complement activation?

Factor H acts by competing with which of the following for the same binding site?


A lack of CR1 receptors on red blood cells would result in which of the following?

A lack of CR2 on cell membranes would result in which of the following?

Why is complement not activated with anti-Rh (D) antibodies?

The CH50 test measures which of the following?

Which of the following would be most effective in preventing bystander lysis of red blood cells?


Decreased CH50 levels may be caused by

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