[Immunology] Cytokines Quizzes (10 tests)

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[Immunology] Cytokines Quizzes (10 tests)
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Select the one best response to each question!

The ability of a single cytokine to alter the expression of several genes is called

Which of the following can be attributed to IL-1?

Which of the following are target cells for IL-3?

A lack of IL-4 might result in which of the following?

Which of the following is also known as the T-cell growth factor?


Which chemokine receptor does HIV need for cellspecific binding?

IFN- and IFN- differ in which way from IFN-?

A patient in septic shock caused by a gram-negative bacterial infection exhibits the following symptoms: high fever, very low blood pressure, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. Which cytokine is the most likely contributor to these symptoms?

IL-10 acts as an antagonist to what cytokine?

Which would be the best assay to measure a specific cytokine?

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