[Immunology] Cytokines Quizzes (10 tests)

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[Immunology] Cytokines Quizzes (10 tests)
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The ability of a single cytokine to alter the expression of several genes is called


1. The ability of a single cytokine to alter the expression of several genes is called
a. redundancy.
b. pleiotropy.
c. autocrine stimulation.
d. endocrine effect.
2. Which of the following can be attributed to IL-1?
a. Mediator of the innate immune response
b. Differentiation of stem cells
c. Halts growth of virally infected cells
d. Stimulation of mast cells
3. Which of the following are target cells for IL-3?
a. Myeloid precursors
b. Lymphoid precursors
c. Erythroid precursors
d. All of the above
4. A lack of IL-4 might result in which of the following?
a. Inability to fight off viral infections
b. Increased risk of tumors
c. Lack of IgE
d. Decreased eosinophil count
5. Which of the following is also known as the T-cell growth factor?
a. IFN-ɣ
b. IL-12
c. IL-2
d. IL-10
6. Which chemokine receptor does HIV need for cellspecific binding?
a. CCR1
b. CCR3
c. CCR4
d. CCR5
7. IFN- and IFN- differ in which way from IFN-?
a. IFN- and IFN- are called immune interferons, and IFN- is not.
b. IFN- and IFN- primarily activate macrophages, while IFN- halts viral activity.
c. They are made primarily by activated T cells, while IFN- is made by fibroblasts.
d. IFN- and IFN- inhibit cell proliferation, while IFN- stimulates antigen presentation by class II
MHC molecules.
8. A patient in septic shock caused by a gram-negative bacterial infection exhibits the following symptoms: high fever, very low blood pressure, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. Which cytokine is the most likely contributor to these symptoms?
a. IL-2
b. TNF
c. IL-12
d. IL-7
9. IL-10 acts as an antagonist to what cytokine?
a. IL-4
b. TNF-α
c. IFN-ɣ
d. TGF-β
10. Which would be the best assay to measure a specific cytokine?
a. Blast formation
b. T-cell proliferation
c. Measurement of leukocyte chemotaxis
d. ELISA testing

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