[Immunology] Antibody Structure and Function Quizzes (16 tests)

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[Immunology] Antibody Structure and Function Quizzes (16 tests)
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Which is characteristic of variable domains of immunoglobulins?

All of the following are true of IgM except that it

How many antigen binding sites does a typical IgM molecule have?

Bence-Jones proteins are identical to which of the following?

An Fab fragment consists of


Which of the following pairs represents two different immunoglobulin allotypes?

Which of the following are L chains of antibody molecules?

If the results of serum protein electrophoresis show a significant decrease in the gamma band, which of the following is a likely possibility?

The subclasses of IgG differ mainly in

Which best describes the role of the SC of IgA?


Which represents the main function of IgD?

Which antibody is best at agglutination and complement fixation?

Which of the following can be attributed to the clonal selection theory of antibody formation?

All of the following are true of IgE except that it

Which best describes coding for immunoglobulin molecules?


What is the purpose of HAT medium in the preparation of monoclonal antibody?

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