[Immunology] Antibody Structure and Function Quizzes (16 tests)

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[Immunology] Antibody Structure and Function Quizzes (16 tests)
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Which is characteristic of variable domains of immunoglobulins?


1. Which is characteristic of variable domains of immunoglobulins?
a. They occur on both the H and L chains.
b. They represent the complement binding site.
c. They are at the carboxy-terminal ends of the molecules.
d. All of the above
2. All of the following are true of IgM except that it
a. can cross the placenta.
b. fixes complement.
c. has a J chain.
d. is a primary response antibody.
3. How many antigen binding sites does a typical IgM molecule have?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 10
4. Bence-Jones proteins are identical to which of the following?
a. H chains
b. L chains
c. IgM molecules
d. IgG molecules
5. An Fab fragment consists of
a. two H chains.
b. two L chains.
c. one L chain and one-half of an H chain.
d. one L chain and an entire H chain.
6. Which of the following pairs represents two different immunoglobulin allotypes?
a. IgM and IgG
b. IgM1 and IgM2
c. Antihuman IgM and antihuman IgG
d. IgG1m3 and IgG1m17
7. Which of the following are L chains of antibody molecules?
a. ƙ
b. ɣ
c. µ
d. α
8. If the results of serum protein electrophoresis show a significant decrease in the gamma band, which of the following is a likely possibility?
a. Normal response to active infection
b. Muliple myeloma
c. Immunodeficiency disorder
d. Monoclonal gammopathy
9. The subclasses of IgG differ mainly in
a. the type of L chain.
b. the arrangement of disulfide bonds.
c. the ability to act as opsonins.
d. molecular weight.
10. Which best describes the role of the SC of IgA?
a. A transport mechanism across endothelial cells
b. A means of joining two IgA monomers together
c. An aid to trapping antigen
d. Enhancement of complement fixation by the classical pathway
11. Which represents the main function of IgD?
a. Protection of the mucous membranes
b. Removal of antigens by complement fixation
c. Enhancing proliferation of B cells
d. Destruction of parasitic worms
12. Which antibody is best at agglutination and complement fixation?
a. IgA
b. IgG
c. IgD
d. IgM
13. Which of the following can be attributed to the clonal selection theory of antibody formation?
a. Plasma cells make generalized antibody.
b. B cells are preprogrammed for specific antibody synthesis.
c. Proteins can alter their shape to conform to antigen.
d. Cell receptors break off and become circulating antibody.
14. All of the following are true of IgE except that it
a. fails to fix complement.
b. is heat stable.
c. attaches to tissue mast cells.
d. is found in the serum of allergic persons.
15. Which best describes coding for immunoglobulin molecules?
a. All genes are located on the same chromosome.
b. L chain rearrangement occurs before H chain rearrangement.
c. Four different regions are involved in coding of
H chains.
d.  λ rearrangement occurs before ƙ rearrangement.
16. What is the purpose of HAT medium in the preparation of monoclonal antibody?
a. Fusion of the two cell types
b. Restricting the growth of unfused myeloma cells
c. Restricting the growth of unfused spleen cells
d. Restricting antibody production to the IgM class

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