The Quizzes about Safety and Quality in the Hematology Laboratory

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The Quizzes about Safety and Quality in the Hematology Laboratory
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Select the ONE answer that is BEST in each case.

The function (or functions) of a hematology laboratory is (are) to

The major intended purpose of the laboratory safety manual is to

Which of the following is not an appropriate safety practice?

If a blood specimen is spilled on a laboratory bench or fl oor area, the fi rst step in cleanup should be

Which of the following procedures is the most basic and effective in preventing nosocomial infections?


The likelihood of infection after exposure to HBV-infected or HIV-infected blood or body fl uids depends on all of the following factors except the

HBV and HIV may be directly transmitted in the occupational setting by all of the following except

Standard precautions have been instituted in clinical laboratories to prevent _____ exposures of healthcare workers to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and HBV.

Exposure to _____ constitutes the major source of HIV and HBV infection in healthcare personnel.

The transmission of HBV is _____ probable than transmission of HIV.


Gloves for medical use may be

Diluted bleach for disinfecting work surfaces, equipment, and spills should be prepared daily by preparing a _____ dilution of household bleach.

The laboratory procedure manual does not need to include

Which of the following statements is not a nonanalytical factor in a Quality Assessment system?

In which of the following laboratory situations is a verbal report permissible?


_____ Accuracy

_____ Calibration

_____ Control

_____ Precision

_____ Standards


_____ Quality

Which of the following is not a function of a quantitative QC program?

_____ Mean

_____ Range

_____ Variance


_____ Standard deviation

The coeffi cient of variation is the

The z score measures

Acceptable limits of a control value must fall

A trend change in QC data is


A continuously increasing downward variation in a control sample in one direction from the mean can indicate

Which of the following statements is true of a gaussian curve?

Two standard deviations (2 SD) from the mean in a normal distribution curve would include

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