[Immunology] Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection Quizzes (15 tests)

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[Immunology] Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV Infection Quizzes (15 tests)
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All of the following apply to HIV except

Which of the following genes is responsible for the coding of reverse transcriptase?

HIV virions bind to host T cells through which receptors?

Antibodies to which of the following viral antigens are usually the first to be detected in HIV infection?

Which of the following is typical of the latent stage of HIV infection?


The decrease in T-cell numbers in HIV-infected individuals is due to

The most common means of HIV transmission worldwide is through

All of the following are likely immunologic manifestations of HIV infection except

The drug zidovudine is an example of a

Which of the following methods is used in thirdgeneration ELISA tests for HIV antibody?


If a test has a high positive predictive value, which of the following is true?

False-negative test results in the ELISA test for HIV antibody may occur because of

Which of the following combinations of bands would represent a positive Western blot for HIV antibody?

Which of the following tests would give the least reliable results in a 2-month-old infant?

The RT-PCR is a highly sensitive method that involves

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