[Immunology] The Serological Response to Parasitic and Fungal Infections Quizzes (19 tests)

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[Immunology] The Serological Response to Parasitic and Fungal Infections Quizzes (19 tests)
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Compared to a host’s response to the mumps virus, overcoming a parasitic infection is more difficult for the host because of which of the following characteristics of parasites?

Most of the pathology associated with parasitic infections results from which of the following?

Parasites are able to evade host defenses by which of the following means?

The chronic nature of parasitic infections is due to the host’s

Clinical information provided by studying the immune response to parasitic diseases


The presence of both IgM and IgG antibody in toxoplasmosis infections suggests that the infection

IgE is an important component of the immune response to infections caused by

Which of the following are factors that have enabled saprophytic fungi to cause infections in humans?

In congenital toxoplasmosis, the newborn has elevated levels of what class of immunoglobulin?

When a mycosis is suspected, patient information must be acquired for all of the following except


The most significant defense against fungal infections is

Serodiagnosis is most important in making a rapid and presumptive diagnosis of fungal infections when

Because the stage of the mycosis is often not known, what is the best way to proceed when initiating serodiagnosis?

After infection has been established, serodiagnostic tests are most likely to be positive in which of the following cases?

Which best describes nonspecific cross-reactions that occur in fungal serological tests?


Two serological tests currently used for the diagnosis of aspergillosis and candidiasis are

A 27-year-old man from Ohio, diagnosed with AIDS, developed chest pains and after a short period of time also developed severe headaches with dizziness. His hobby was raising messenger pigeons. His physician ordered a sputum culture and spinal tap, and both were positive for a yeastlike fungus. These findings are most consistent with infection by

Which of the following serological tests detects the polysaccharide capsule antigen in serum and CSF of patients with suspected infection with Cryptococcus neoformans?

What is the most widely used quantitative serological test for identification of antibodies in infection with Coccidioides immitis?


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