The quizzes about Synovial Fluid (24 tests)

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The functions of synovial fluid include all of the following except:

The primary function of synoviocytes is to:

Which of the following is not a frequently performed test on synovial fluid?

The procedure for collection of synovial fluid is called:

Normal synovial fluid resembles:


Powdered anticoagulants should not be used in tubes for synovial fluid testing because it interferes with:

Addition of a cloudy, yellow synovial fluid to acetic acid produces a/an:

To determine if a fluid is synovial fluid, it should be mixed with:

The highest WBC count can be expected to be seen with:

When diluting a synovial fluid WBC count, all of the following are acceptable except:


The lowest percentage of neutophils would be seen in:

All of the following are abnormal when seen in synovial fluid except:

Synovial fluid crystals that occur as a result of purine metabolism or chemotherapy for leukemia are:

Synovial fluid crystals associated with inflammation in dialysis patients are:

Crystals associated with pseudogout are:


Synovial fluid for crystal examination should be examined as a/an:

Crystals that have the ability to polarize light are:

In an examination of synovial fluid under compensated polarized light, rhombic-shaped crystals are observed. What color would these crystals be when aligned parallel to the slow vibration?

If crystals shaped like needles are aligned perpendicular to the slow vibration of compensated polarized light, what color are they?

Negative birefringence occurs under compensated polarized light when:


Synovial fluid cultures are often plated on chocolate agar to detect the presence of:

The most frequently performed chemical test on synovial fluid is:

Serologic tests on patients’ serum may be performed to detect antibodies causing arthritis for all of the following disorders except:

Serologic testing of synovial fluid for fibrinogen and C-reactive protein is performed to:

The quizzes about Synovial Fluid (24 tests)
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