The quizzes about Semen (33 tests)

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Maturation of spermatozoa takes place in the:

Enzymes for the coagulation and liquefaction of semen are produced by the:

The major component of seminal fluid is:

If the first portion of a semen specimen is not collected, the semen analysis will have an abnormal:

Failure of laboratory personnel to document the time a semen sample is collected primarily affects the interpretation of semen:


Liquefaction of a semen specimen should take place within:

A semen specimen delivered to the laboratory in a condom has a normal sperm count and markedly decreased sperm motility. This is indicative of:

An increased semen pH may be caused by:

Proteolytic enzymes may be added to semen specimens to:

The normal sperm concentration is:


Given the following information, calculate the sperm concentration: dilution, 1:20; sperm counted in five RBC squares on each side of the hemocytometer, 80 and 86; volume, 3 mL.

Using the above information, calculate the sperm concentration when 80 sperm are counted in 1 WBC square and 86 sperm are counted in another WBC square.

The primary reason to dilute a semen specimen before performing a sperm concentration is to:

When performing a sperm concentration, 60 sperm are counted in the RBC squares on one side of the hemocytometer and 90 sperm are counted in the RBC squares on the other side. The specimen is diluted 1:20. The:

Sperm motility evaluations are performed:


Sperm motility is evaluated on the basis of:

The percentage of sperm showing average motility that is considered normal is:

All of the following are grading criteria for sperm motility except:

The purpose of the acrosomal cap is:

The sperm part containing a mitochondrial sheath is the:


All of the following are associated with sperm motility except the:

The morphologic shape of a normal sperm head is:

Normal sperm morphology when using the WHO criteria is:

Additional parameters measured by Kruger strict morphology include all of the following except:

Round cells that are of concern and may be included in sperm counts and morphology analysis are:


If 5 round cells per 100 sperm are counted in a sperm morphology smear and the sperm concentation is 30 million, the concentraton of round cells is:

Following an abnormal sperm motility test with a normal sperm count, what additional test might be ordered?

Follow-up testing for a low sperm concentration would include testing for:

The immunobead test for antisperm antibodies:

Measurement of -glucosidase is performed to detect a disorder of the:


A specimen delivered to the laboratory with a request for prostatic acid phosphatase and glycoprotein p30 was collected to determine:

Following a negative postvasectomy wet preparation, the specimen should be:

Standardization of procedures and reference values for semen analysis is primarily provided by the:

The quizzes about Semen (33 tests)
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