The Quizzes about Infection diseases – Part 1 (20 test)

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A 22-year-old recent immigrant to the United States has never been vaccinated for tetanus. He sustains a minor, but soil-contaminated, injury. Which of the following statements is correct?

In tetanus, an acute onset is usual. The median onset is 7 days, and 90% present within 14 days of injury. The organism is an anaerobic, motile Gram-positive rod. It has the ability to survive for years in the form of spores, which are resistant to disinfectants and heat. Tetanus can occur in nonimmunized individuals, or those who have neglected their booster shots. Penicillin, or metronidazole, is used in treatment, but their efficacy is not clear.

The Quizzes about Infection diseases – Part 1 (20 test)
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