[Immunology] The Agglutination Quizzes (12 tests)

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Which of the following best describes agglutination?

All of the following could be used to enhance an agglutination reaction except

Agglutination of dyed bacterial cells represents which type of reaction?

In which of the following circumstances would the indirect Coombs’ test be employed?

In an agglutination reaction, if cells are not centrifuged long enough, which of the following might occur?


Agglutination inhibition could best be used for which of the following types of antigens?

Which of the following correctly describes reverse passive agglutination?

In which of the following tests is patient antigen determined by measuring the number of nonagglutinating particles left after the reaction has taken place?

Reactions involving IgG may need to be enhanced for which reason?

For which of the following tests is a lack of agglutination a positive reaction?


All of the following would be considered good qualitycontrol procedures except

A positive direct Coombs’ test could occur under which circumstances?

[Immunology] The Agglutination Quizzes (12 tests)
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