[Immunology] The Immunoproliferative Diseases Quizzes (19 tests)

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[Immunology] The Immunoproliferative Diseases Quizzes (19 tests)
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In general, a myeloma secreting which type of M protein is most likely to cause renal failure?


1. In general, a myeloma secreting which type of M protein is most likely to cause renal failure?
a. IgG
b. IgM
c. ƙ light chains
d. µ heavy chains
2. Which of the following would be the best indicator of a malignant clone?
a. Overall increase in antibody production
b. Increase in IgG and IgM only
c. Increase in antibody directed against a specific epitope
d. Decrease in overall antibody production
3. All of the following are features of malignancy except
a. excess apoptosis.
b. rapid proliferation.
c. clonal proliferation.
d. chromosomal mutations.
4. All of the following features are commonly used to classify lymphoid neoplasms except
a. Cell of origin
b. Presence of gene translocations
c. Exposure of the patient to carcinogens
d. Morphology/cytology of the malignant cells
5. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is characterized by
a. proliferation of T cells.
b. excess immunoglobulin production.
c. an incurable, rapidly progressive course.
d. the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells in lymph nodes.
6. Chronic leukemias are characterized as
a. usually being of B-cell origin.
b. being curable with chemotherapy.
c. usually occurring in children.
d. following a rapidly progressive course.
7. Which best describes acute leukemias?
a. Usually of B-cell origin
b. Usually occurring in children
c. Poor response to chemotherapy
d. Cells are well differentiated
8. Flow cytometry results on a patient reveal a lack of cells with CD2 and CD3. What does this indicate?
a. Lack of B cells
b. Lack of T cells
c. Lack of monocytes
d. Lack of natural killer cells
9. Which of the following is true of Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia but not multiple myeloma?
a. Hyperviscosity syndrome is often present.
b. A single protein-producing clone is elevated.
c. The cancerous cell is a preplasma cell.
d. Bence Jones proteins are present in the urine.

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