[Immunology] The Hypersensitivity Quizzes (14 tests)

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[Immunology] The Hypersensitivity Quizzes (14 tests)
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Select the one best response to each question!

Which of the following is a general characteristic of hypersensitivity reactions?

Which of the following is associated with an increase in IgE production?

Which of the following would cause a positive DAT test?

All of the following are associated with type I hypersensitivity except

Which newly synthesized mediator has a mode of action similar to that of histamine?


Which of the following is associated with anaphylaxis?

To determine if a patient is allergic to rye grass, the best test to perform is

Which condition would result in HDN?

What is the immune mechanism involved in type III hypersensitivity reactions?

What is the immune phenomenon associated with the Arthus reaction?


Contact dermatitis can be characterized by all of the following except

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn about a patient whose total IgE level is determined to be 150 IU/mL?

Which of the following explains the difference between type II and type III hypersensitivity reactions?

A 37-year-old woman received two units of packed red blood cells following a surgical procedure. She had been transfused once before. Five days after surgery, she experienced a slight fever and some hemoglobin in her urine, indicating a delayed transfusion reaction. A DAT test on a blood sample was positive. Which of the following statements best describes this reaction?

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